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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do you provide your services?
    Anywhere and everywhere! I live in Shepparton, Victoria, so this is where a majority of my work is made and enjoyed. However, a lot of my sessions take place in the towns surrounding Shepparton, such as Dookie, Murchison, Echuca, Euroa, Strathmerton, Benalla, Nagambie, etc. so there is plenty of variety in the locations I frequent. Keep in mind, I love to travel to new and exciting places to capture special memories, so I am open to requests. Heck, let's fly somewhere, I don't mind!
  • How would you describe your style and approach to photo sessions?
    Ahh that tough question! To put it simply; I’m dedicated to documenting everything that makes you you. I am here for all the playfulness, all the laughter, all the tender glances and soft smiles and definitely all the love. When it comes to weddings, I tend to go with the flow of the day, capturing all those candid moments as they unfold, but I also add a dash of direction and styling when I see the need for it to ensure you get the best images possible. Yes, I’ll capture those must-have family photos and typical "look here and smile" portraits to keep your grandparents happy, but I’ll also make you walk off together, snuggle each other, play around and just pretend the camera isn’t even there; that's where the real magic is! The same goes for other session types; I'll help direct and encourage certain poses and prompts to give you the very best photos, but you'll be surprised how easily those candid, carefree moments come as we go. Feel free to get loose - throw down a couple of drinks, tell me your favourite playlist and I’ll whip out the tunes - and before you know it you’ll be having the time of your lives and enjoying the moment and I’ll just be there capturing all the love and all the realness as it happens.
  • We suck at taking photos! What do we do?
    Don't we all? I don't know about you, but every time I'm put in front of the camera, I freeze, a tense smile comes over my face and my eyes hold a deer-in-the-headlights kind of look. Thank goodness I spend most of my time behind the camera! Luckily, I'm not going to let that happen to you! I come prepared with a range of fun directions and ideas that will quickly have you forgetting that the camera is even there! The best thing you can do to help your nervousness is to come into the session with no expectations - especially of your kids - other than to relax and have some fun! Trust me, if you're too uptight and forced, your photos won't lie! The same goes for the kiddies - if they sense a pressure to perform perfectly for the camera, they aren't going to enjoy themselves and the photos aren't going to feel authentic, so let's take it slow, throw in some fun activities and games and soon you'll have some beautiful, real memories to enjoy.
  • I'm ready to book in, how do I get in touch?
    So you're ready to make some magic? Yay! Firstly, get in contact with me by completing the form on my CONTACT page. All enquiries come straight to my email, but please allow up to 4-5 business days for my response during busy periods, and don't forget to check your spam folder for my reply! Leave your name, preferred date and time and a small description of the session you're after, and I'll be in touch with you ASAP. ​ Also, tell me a bit about yourself! I love to get to know my clients from the beginning, so the more I know, the more exciting the photos will be!
  • Do you provide help with choosing outfits and locations?
    Absolutely! Once your booking has been confirmed, I'll send through a client photo guide specific to your particular session type with pages of information about outfit selection, location options, what to expect and tips for how to prepare for your session! Plus, I'm always happy to chat if you have any other questions not covered in the guide in the lead up to your session.
  • I've still got some questions!
    That's okay - I can't cover everything in this small space! If you have any further questions you need answered, please get in touch with me through on of my CONTACT options and I'll happily answer you!
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