About Alicia

Hey there, Alicia here! 


I am a 22-year-old photographer in Victoria, Australia. I’m constantly travelling between Shepparton (my hometown) and Melbourne (where I live now), and photographing in all the places in between.

Right now, I'm studying a double degree of Health Sciences and Arts (Photography), and I'm loving every minute of it. 

I’m the eldest of 5 children, which means my parents must be crazy, but also means that I’m exceptional at handling chaos.

I love plants, and I can't enter the Bunnings garden section unless someone is there to restrain me. 

I love dogs, and I will make a big deal out of it when I see one.  


With love,
Alicia x 

And last but not least:

I LOVE taking photos. 


I adore taking photos. From constantly snapping photos of my friends and siblings (just ask them, they love it), to photographing the long-awaited wedding of a loved-up couple; I believe every special little moment is worth documenting.

Being able to capture a special moment in a person's life for them to cherish forever is something that brings me more joy than anything. I love being the person who can take photos that make you laugh, cry or just smile quietly to yourself when you see them.


I hope to be the person people turn to when they want their most important moments documented, and I hope to continue to bring joy to the people whose memories I capture for them.   

© 2020 Alicia Flegeltaub Photography

Based in Shepparton and Melbourne, VIC


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